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Pop Up   Weddings


A Fun, Romantic, Spontaneous, & Affordable Alternative for our unpredictable times! This is for couples who just want to have a simple intimate elopement. Contact us last minute and if we can, we will be there!


 “Life is a journey that’s not measured in miles or years, but in experiences.”

– Jimmy Buffett

Who needs a big fancy schmancy wedding anyway? Who  says you can't get a cool hat with feathers, some nice flowers, bring a couple of your besties for witnesses and have a great wedding on the spur of the moment? We do! In fact, we've done just that for hundreds of couples over the years, and with the uncertainties of the pandemic on top of the winter season, this kind of wedding is perfect! Skip the guilt and tell everyone that you'll have a big wedding later... (maybe much later!) and save the cash and credit card expenses for another day.

We are offering something that seems so simple, because it is so simple! Call us today and we can marry you somewhere around Newport or Jamestown … today or tomorrow or the day after... or whenever the weather is looking good. No complex planning. No arguing with your mother over the details. No stomach acid over guest lists and all that "have to do" stuff. When the forecast is looking acceptable, call a couple of friends and off we go! Flexibility is the thing, and we are all over being flexible like a seagull on a Twinkie!




Why we are offering Pop up Weddings

We realize that some couples don't want to be locked in to a set date either because they may be concerned about the weather or if they may not be feeling well or just not up to it on that day. With our pop up weddings you don't have to worry about a thing. You call us when you know you want to get married, like the day before or even the day of, and if are available, it's on! 


How does our version of a pop up wedding work? 


The couple gets a marriage license in the appropriate town. See our license info page.  It will be good for 90 days.  Call us and get to know us and let us know you may be interested in our pop up wedding. . When you are ready, reach out to us. This way you can be assured of nice weather. You can say your own vows to each other if you like, romantic or silly... no pressure, it's just us! You can exchange rings or not and save that for your Big Fat Wedding later. Or exchange silly or home made rings. Because it's just us! 


Who is this for?

Couples who are just having a few guests and can be flexible. Couples who like the idea of being adventurous and impromptu. Non traditional couples who want a fun or light hearted ceremony. Or couples who just want to be assured of good weather on their day. It is not for couples who have more than a few guests or want a big photography package..


Where and when can you have your pop up wedding? 


 As for locations, somewhere in the Newport/Aquidneck Island or Jamestown area for Don. Maybe downtown Newport at Queen Anne Square or the pavilion at King Park. We can help you choose a great location or you may have a perfect spot already chosen. For those who have a location outside of this area, Michael is the officiant for you. He is fun, engaging, friendly and very comfortable to be with. He is a wonderful addition to our team.


So if you have a marriage license and decide it is the right time, give us a call. We can be your officiant and if you would like photography we can do that as well. 



But won't we be bad for doing this?


Of course you will! I mean, no, not all all! (Pay no attention to the guy behind the curtain doing this webpage!)

As Dr. Seuss says, "those that matter don't mind, and those that mind don't matter!" (or he said something like that...)

This is your wedding ceremony after all!  Kick up your heels, experience your wedding as a feeling – an expression – an excuse to carpe diem. Have your wedding down by a windmill, at the harbor, at the beach, or even at Fort Wetherill overlooking the ocean or in front of the cool graphitic artwork at the fort itself.  Bring a can or two of spray paint and add your own names afterward, you silly kids!

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