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About Us

After many years of experience with fun and relaxed beach and garden weddings in New England and Myrtle Beach, Don and Kat have developed our own unique style of wedding ceremony and photography that nearly always results in wedding guests wishing they could do their wedding all over again. They see the magic and romance that can happen.They have officiated and photographed ceremonies on beaches, in gardens, at lighthouses, in homes and back yards, on boats, on docks and at many beautiful wedding venues.

Having officiated and photographed wedding ceremonies for over 20  years, in R.I., on both coasts of Florida, and up and down the Carolina Coast from the OBX to Hilton Head, they are back to where it all started in RI when they first began as Ocean State Home and Garden Weddings. Both born in Rhode Island, they are happy to be back home.

So how did they get started doing this? When they were married under a beautiful sunset on a quiet beach in St. John, the seed was planted and so it evolved. Thousands of fun and romantic weddings and a lot of fun over the years.

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