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Hello! We are Don and Kathy Beach, Newport, RI based wedding officiants and photographers! We help today’s modern, smart and laid back couples to have a simple, relaxed, and romantic wedding ceremony and photography experience. Why? Because with Weddings With a Heart, you can have Rhode Island Wedding Officiant and Photography Services as a combined package so that you can save your valuable time and have a painless, affordable, intimate, and uncomplicated wedding. That’s why!

  • We are experts at what we do, with many years of experience performing and photographing romantic and intimate weddings.
  • We are all about Rhode Island beach weddings! And with years of experience around coastal Rhode Island, in Myrtle Beach, and both coasts of Florida, we are the Real Deal by the sea.
  • We are the only local wedding business to offer officiant and photography as combined packages.
  • We are the only local wedding professionals that specialize in small weddings and elopements
  • Our officiant offers ceremonies uniquely suited to modern couples, with many different ceremony and vow ideas. We also love to help you with vow renewals and our unique Promise Ceremony.
  • Our photography is beautiful! And we also offer “just the 2 of you” and engagement photography sessions!
  • We are also photo artists, and offer digital painting options in a painterly style that will wow you! (And nobody else does this!)
  • We are fun and easy to work with. Because how many officiants have readings like Dave Letterman’s Top 10 reasons to Get Married? Or to Stay Single as part of your ceremony?
  • We love romantic and intimate destination weddings!
  • We love Newport, South County, and Block Island, and most importantly, we love what we do!

  • It’s Low Stress and easy for you because our approach is all about keeping it simple, relaxed, and full of feelings! And if you are fun and playful types, we are your perfect match!
  • It’s affordable and convenient for you because we offer packages designed especially for intimate events, offering one stop shopping for most of your simple wedding needs. Plus, with the money you save, you can put that towards a house or other big expenditure!
  • It’s romantic and special for you because we offer an experience rather than just another generic ceremony, with specially worded ceremonies about the beach, the sea, or a garden setting, focusing on intimacy, honor, humor, and being human. Plus, you get to maintain your sanity and maybe avoid some family politics!
  • It’s fun for you because we are so easy to work with that you’ll feel as if you’ve known us forever.. perfect for nervous grooms! Plus, you will get to have fun and actually enjoy your ceremony!
  • Beautiful photography for you that will preserve those special memories so that one day you can look back and remember the beginning of a great love story!
  • It’s unique for you and something you will never see on your own.. what you look like with your eyes closed! (It happens, what can I say!) And perhaps more importantly, you can escape for the norm and have things go your way!
  • It’s helpful for you because of our local wedding location and venue knowledge that we love to share after we are booked. We enjoy performing ceremonies and handling your photography needs in beautiful and unique locations around our area, so your wedding is as unique as you are.
  • It’s a perfect fit for you if you’d like to include children and step children in your ceremony.
  • It’s comfortable for our LGBT couples! We care deeply about human equality in every way.

Rhode Island Wedding Officiant and Photography Services

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