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Agreement terms and conditions

I (client) hereby agree that I have reserved Weddings With a Heart to officiate and/or photograph my wedding/special event. I understand and agree that I will abide by the following terms and conditions. Should my event be canceled by the couple for any reason, including but not limited to changing the package or plan Weddings with a Heart was hired to perform, I understand that no refund will be given.

I understand that a retainer payment is due at time of booking, with the remaining balance due before the ceremony begins. If the event is booked within 10 days of the event, the full amount is required to reserve your officiant services. Should my event be canceled, I understand that no refund will be given. I agree that a late fee of $100 is owed if my ceremony begins 30 minutes or more past the scheduled starting time.

My agreement with you

We are not responsible for CD's provided for us to play on our CD player, if we are contracted with to provide music.

We agree to arrive 15- 30 minutes prior to the start time for the wedding ceremony.

We request the ceremony begin on time, (or within wedding day “reasonableness”!) In the event of a cancellation of the wedding or change in the agreed upon wedding package on the couple’s part, the deposit is not refundable.

In the event of inability by me to perform the ceremony due to illness, the couple will be notified as soon as practical and I will provide contact information for another officiant. Another local officiant will be contacted by me and your deposit will be refunded or transferred. In the event of unforeseen weather issues, every attempt will be made by me to reschedule the date and time, and the deposit applied towards that new date. Bad weather back up plans are the couple's responsibility, and are not grounds for a deposit refund.

Please pay your balance owed before the ceremony begins, as well as the presentation of a valid marriage license. I prefer not have to chase anyone down after the ceremony to settle these issues. Please don't forget to bring your license. I can't perform your ceremony without a valid marriage license!

I make sure to schedule plenty of time between ceremonies, (should I have more than your ceremony to perform on your date). If your lateness is threatening any other scheduled events, I will be forced to leave and will still require full payment for your ceremony, whether I perform it or not. The other couple fully expects me to be on time, and there is no reason that couples cannot plan accordingly to ensure that their ceremony begins at the time agreed upon. I will hold filing your marriage license until all outstanding fees are settled.

Photography agreement, terms and conditions

Photographers at your wedding (including guests and family members)

Weddings With a Heart does not permit professional photographers or individuals acting as photographers to photograph during the family and couple posing session for which I'm hired to provide photography services. This is because it has been our experience that such photographers will negatively impact our ability to provide the images that you are expecting to receive for (but not limited to) the following reasons:

1.) During many moments throughout this session, there is only one optimal vantage point for a photo. With a photographer not working for me also working at the wedding, I will be thrust in the position of fighting for that spot.

2.) Other photographers often offer their own posing ideas or distractions for you, the couple, and are disruptive as I work to set up poses, facial expressions, moods, or certain angles to photograph from.

3.) Having others surrounding my photography session with you introduces shadows or background presences that interfere with my work. Nothing is worse than having shadows of extended arms with iPhones in what would otherwise be a beautiful beach portrait!

4.) Having other photographers, including family members or guests “borrow” my set up and posing skills for their own shots may affect my sales and future business with you, my clients.

5.) Timing for sunsets is often critical, and time wasted while guests are attempting to photograph you may make the difference between great images and lesser photography.

Because weddings are joyous events for me, engaging in such negativity is not something I am willing to do. Unfortunately, that means that for many important moments, I may not be in the best position to capture them, or be forced into spending time explaining or arguing with guests/family members when I should be interacting with you.

I must ask you to agree to the following:

By allowing the presence of photographers other than Weddings with a Heart at my wedding, I(client) understand and agree to the fact that we may not provide work at the level that is like in kind and quality to the work presented to me at the time that I hired them.

I agree to accept and understand that my wedding day photo coverage may not be complete.

I agree to hold Weddings With a Heart harmless from any damages that may result as a result of allowing other photographers at my wedding.

Client understands and acknowledges that Photographer is being hired as an artist to interpret the event photographically, and that Photographer, except as is stated herein to the contrary, has no limitation in how to record the event including choice of media, composition, color or any other aspect of the photographic process.

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