Surfer's End

  haute couture for your beach combing "inner surfer"  

Surfer's End is the local name for the very western end of Second Beach in Middletown, Rhode Island, and it's THE surfing spot in our area.


Also known as Sachuest Beach, this bay faces southwest, catching all the sea breeze driven windswell. It will handle a bit of size, especially at higher tides.

And while our products are inspired by our local surfing place, there are no doubt "surfer's end" locations all over the world where the wind driven waves make that just right place for surfing, wave riding, beach combing and sunset watching!

What Are Surfer's End Beach People?

Surfer's End Beach People (Sir-fur end beech peepul)  noun, pronoun, term of endearment, or veiled insult; beach going bohemian beach and wild surf lovers with sand permanently stuck between their toes and the floor mats of their vehicles, and piles of quahog shells on every flat surface of their abodes.

1). A term used to describe a population of exceptionally laid back type individuals who spend an inordinate period of time at a beach.

2). People who find themselves planning their next trip to the beach before they even leave from their current beach day.

3). A way of looking at life and the never ending pursuit of suntans, rolling waves, and the sound of pounding surf from an "at the beach" perspective that borders on the spiritual.

4). Well-tanned beach bohemians and wave riders, many of whom operate over priced SUV’s, motorcycles or pickup trucks with an overload of beach chairs, surfboards, and coolers strapped in a decidedly unsafe manner on or about their vehicles.

5). Beach hippies and beach addicts who consider themselves to be professional tanners .. for whom the smells of tanning lotion and sea weed are sweet perfume.

6). A large population of unhappy, restless inlanders who view the home they live in as temporary… because there is no beach!

7). A lost tribe of sand encrusted people, often who's favorite pair of shoes are barely serviceable flip-flops, who can never get a need for being “at the beach” out of their system, and who think Tommy Bahama is a real person.

8). Beach loving zealots who believe that it’s a spiritual requirement for a holy pilgrimage to The Beach at least once a week (but preferably daily).