Our Photography

We offer all inclusive photography and wedding officiant packages or packages with just photography for those who have an officiant.


If you are interested in just our photography services without officiant services please see our pricing and packages page. The pricing is the same and you benefit by having both Don and Kathy capture the moments and details before, during and after your ceremony! If you want more coverage, just ask. We can sometimes accommodate extra coverage.

Our photography style has developed over the last 15 years. Your special day deserves to be captured. Kathy is a unique blend of holistic reiki master, nurturing nurse, photographer, artist, and loving grandmother. She has a way of helping people to feel comfortable. She captures the moment using her artists eye and is a master at editing and retouching. Her photo books and albums are designed by her and are truly works of art. She truly brings out the beauty in everyone. Just look at our photos. Every couple happy!! Every couple beautiful!  

Don has  been a professional photographer for 20 years. He has a way of making people laugh and also get in touch with their very romantic feelings. His photos are full of these feelings.

Should you invest in a photography package? Consider this: here’s this little window of time in your life; this precious slice of time that is your wedding ceremony. Not a lot of time at all, really, compared to your entire lifetime. But yet what happens in this small, tiny, sliver of a crack of a window in time deserves to be recorded.

I have worked with Kathy as a photographer and I know the talent and energy she puts into each and every wedding. Her photography is Simply Beautiful!

....Don Beach


Please note:   We recommend certain times for best lighting for photography. Early am or 30 minutes to an hour before sunset. If you prefer another time, we can do it but we are not responsible for bright sun lighting, squinting, crowded beaches (I have to charge extra to remove people from your photos if you choose a time that I do not recommend). It is fine to capture some photos of your moment, but do not expect you photos to look like the ones on my website that are taken early am or just before sunset. Also, we are not responsible for elements beyond our control that might limit or effect photography, though we have plenty of great rainy day photos and we do our best to provide you with best quality that is pos

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